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The Youth Camp and Exchange Program (YCE) brings the ideal of global citizenship to life. Each year this program gives thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain new understanding of the world through travel abroad. Unlike some youth exchange programs, YCE does not involve academic study or employment.


Instead, participants are encouraged to use this travel opportunity to represent their home countries and share their own culture while learning about and embracing a new one, forging the way to becoming young ambassadors for peace and international understanding.  YCE is composed of various Lions Youth Exchanges and/or Lions Youth Camps arranged by Lions clubs around the world.


Our members about the program

My experience in Ukraine

Marzia Frescura 20.09.2017

  These 2 weeks I spent in Ukraine were fantastic and unique! Everything started on the first of July when I was in Venice airport, the anxiety increasely became...

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A great experience for me

Bianca Vazquez 24.08.2017

The lions youth exchange camp in Ukraine, during the summer of 2017 was such a great experience for me, I really enjoyed every day of my stay here. The lions youth exchange...

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The best abroad experience of my life

Seray Ozkay 28.11.2016

 I’m Seray Ozkay, a 18 year-old student  from Turkey. This summer I had the best abroad experience of my life. In Ukraine! A lot of amazing memories. The schedule...

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My Ukrainian Summer Weeks

Luca Donalisio 25.11.2016

After my two weeks spent in Lviv, still being completely honest, I can say for sure that I am extremely happy to have accepted the offer, because there I spent a good part of one of...

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Comments for my trip to Ukraine

Steven Feraru 19.11.2016

Commenting on some of the aspects of my trip to Ukraine Transportation: Even though I am yet to try the infamous Ukrainian public transportation, I am happy that all...

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Feridun ÖNCEL 16.11.2016

  2016-11-16 It is hard to start this story. That was not my first abroad by myself but that was the first abroad with Lions Exchange.        It is hard to...

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Coordinator Youth Camp&Exchange

Larisa Osinska