My vacation in Germany

Alisa Glazunova

In June 2019, I went to the Lion camp in Germany.  There was a small but very cozy town in 15 minutes drive from Frankfurt am Main.  It‘s name is Bad Homburg.  The first week I was lucky to live with a wonderful host family.  They really had a sense of humor, so I laughed a lot. It was very sad to say goodbye to them. Then I moved to the camp.

We settled in a cool hostel and every day was very eventful and unforgettable. Really, every day was special for me.  For example, when we went to the hotel and prepared dishes under the guidance of chefs and our ingredients flew in different directions. Or when we ourselves did a barbecue in the hostel. Who would have thought that in two weeks, 20 children from 15 countries, of different age and with different interests, would become for me one big family.  We traveled, played, fooled around and the hostel was always filled with our laughter and songs.  Until now, we communicate and even call up in a group chat all together, despite the time difference. Thanks to this trip,  now I have friends all around the world.