My trip to Cyprus

Polina Ivenkova

Two weeks at the Lions Camp 2019 were unforgettable. Starting with my landing at Larnaca Airport. I and a few  other newcomers were met by a member of  Lions Club and seated all of us at the table at one of the airport’s cafes. I already made friends there from Canada, Russia, Spain, Austria and Germany. After sitting at the table for literally 20 minutes, everyone took their things and went to the bus. When we got inside, each of us was offered a bottle of cool water, which was very useful in this  unusually hot local weather.


After 40 minutes of travel, we all were in the camp. Our leader, Chris, took us to our room. There were 10 beds, where we sat down quickly, occupied our lockers and quickly stuffed our personal belongings there. After a hour’s rest, Chris called us to meet the other guys. We were taken to the kitchen, where a lot of new people were sitting. Everyone took a chair and we made an imaginary circle. Everyone introduced themselves and said a few words about themselves. It wasn’t easy to remember everyone’s names at once, but later i did it.


In the first days, everybody split up into pairs or groups with people who spoke their native language, because it was very difficult to switch to English at one moment .


Gradually, each day we got attached to each other. It became our tradition to play the mafia, sitting in the kitchen with all the guys. Also, our “branded” game was “Speed”, which I didn’t even know existed before I came to the camp.


The only problem were jellyfish, which stung almost everyone on the first day of our visit to the sea. But I’m grateful to them, because they “brought us closer” to the rest of us as friends in misfortune.


Everyday trips brought us closer together every day. Almost everybody exchanged badges/flags/pins of their country’s Lions club.


We visited a lot of places and museums, learned a lot about Cyprus and the situation in it, got a lot of new knowledge and experience. We also received a lot of gifts from the club, which was a surprise for us.


When it was time to part, it was hard to imagine how many tears had been poured out. Every girl sobbed up, and what can I say, even the oldest and most courageous guy dropped a tear. We couldn’t believe that two weeks went so fast.