My trip to Austria. Sound of Music

Kateryna Ivchenko

The main goal was to learn the culture and customs of Austria, tell about our country and of course have fun. I had a great host family, Renate Pyrker is CЕО of Austria Plastics GmbH, she is a very kind and decent woman. I was in a host family with a girl from Italy Maggie. We lived in Wels, it is a small but very beautiful city. Renate gave us a tour of this city and told us a lot about it. On the first day we met another camper and host family. Rom from France, we had a great first day, we talked a lot and talked about our countries and traditions. We had an excursion to Salzburg, we went there with other campers. We had a great time, we went to the Mozart museum, walked around the city and climbed up to look at the beautiful view. we also went to a restaurant where was Austrian national food, for me it was unusual but tasty. We also went to Renata’s factory with other campers . We had the opportunity to make a T-shirt with any picture we like. Renate gave me and Maggie national Austrian dresses. We went to a meeting with the Mayor of Wels in them. We went to Admont, where we met other campers. Abbot Gerhard invited us to see the wold famous and world’s largest abbey-library. He then gave us the chance to meet his private rooms, invited us for some drinks, spent time with us and later also hosted a lunch. Then we went to Friedrich Drobesch and Gabriele Drobesch, they are host family of other two campers. We spent a great time near swimming pool, listening to live music and talking with campers. On the last day with the host family, Renate took me, Maggie and Rom to her other house in nature, we had a lot of fun and swam in the pool. So the host week is over, I am very grateful to Renate for accepting me into her family and being very kind to me.
So we arrived at the camp in Hinterstooder, everyone is overwhelmed with emotions and everyone is eager to enjoy these two weeks. We got to know the other campers and the staff. We had a delicious meal in the dining room and all together went to explore the territory. This incredibly beautiful nature will forever remain in my memory, I have never seen such a beautiful view. We returned to the camp and sat on the terrace with the staff and sang together, talked and enjoyed the evening, it was a wonderful atmosphere of the first day. The first morning started with breakfast and the choir, the choir lasted 3 hours and it was every day, the first three days for me it was long and a little tiring, but then I really enjoy it. We celebrated my birthday perfectly, Renate baked me a cake and brought gifts, we sang songs by the fire and danced. we had a trip to Vienna, we were on tour in the theater and walked around the city, then we went to the amusement park, it was incredible, the rides are big and after them a lot of emotions. The last day was perfect but really sad. It was our final concert, we prepared for it every day and everyone was very excited, but everything went fine and on the final song everyone was overwhelmed with emotions because it was a song that everyone associated with this camp, we sang it on the first day of arrival. after the concert, everyone cried because we understood that this was the last day with each other. On the way to the camp we sang all the songs that we sang at the concert, it was a lot of fun. We had a party, we had fun, talked and shared emotions with each other. It was very difficult to say goodbye to everyone, because we became a big family for each other. I became friends with all the members and with the staff, we had a very warm relationship and I really miss them. This trip is the best thing that happened to me, I really thankful for the best staff I have ever met for a very kind and understanding attitude to us and of course I’m very grateful to the Lions Club for giving me the opportunity to participate in this program.